Winter Love

Winter Love

Jane Norman chunky cable sweater
$43 –

High heel ankle booties
$49 –

H M genuine leather belt
$13 –


Love and What it Is


You know that one feeling that you get when you are with that one person. You can be yourself and they won’t judge you for it. You feel better and happier when you are around them and you can’t wait to see them again.

This, is what I call love.

Not something that will disperse after a couple of months. Love is a long lived passion for someone that you could spend the rest of your life with. You trust that person with your life and with your heart. Most of all, you can’t bear to not be with that person. You wish that you were in their arms, surrounded by their presence.

Through love, we see in people what we want, and what we don’t want. Knowing that someone cares for you so much that they would do anything for you. Love is like no other thing that I have encountered/felt. Once you get played and hurt enough, you realize what real and fake love really is. Unfortunately, I know the difference between the fake love that most guys trick you into, or the really wonderful, heartfelt care that you get from one person. The love of your life.

(Tell me if you guys would like to hear about my experiences with guys and my relationships that I have had. What I have to share could really give you a good insight on your relationship, or what kind of relationship you do or don’t want to have. :))

Love you all,